Thursday, April 24, 2008


Question: Are we encouraging students to come here illegally?

Dan Patrick: Yes. And he's disputing Professor Salinas' contention that he "doesn't know the numbers". Cites high dropout rates among Hispanic males.

Steve Amstutz, principal at Lee High School, says federal law says we educate everyone. He reminds us that immigrants come from everywhere, and he says that the dropout rate is in part the fault of holding kids responsible for the actions of their parents.

Massey Villareal speaks in favor of the DREAM Act.

Larry Youngblood says we used to do a better job getting immigrant kids to speak English sooner.

Richard Shaw says "it's in our best interest to educate everyone".

Sonny Messiah Jiles says it's a matter of "pay me now, or pay me later - all of us will be impacted in the long run by the decisions we make today".

Ed Henderson with Texas Border Volunteers is blaming illegals for all of today's problems. Well, that certainly simplifies things.

Atul Khotari with the Mahatma Gandhi Library wants to know what we are doing to empower Mexico; he invokes the Marshall Plan.

Professor Salinas says we're scapegoating immigrants, who are not responsible for the real problems we're facing like the prices of oil and food. Dan Patrick disputes his characterization and says he wants to help "poor Americans".

Klineberg reiterates the point about not enough slots being allowed for legal immigrants, which Patrick and Collier agree with. He disputes the notion that illegal immigrants don't learn English at a sufficient rate, saying they're doing it faster now than they did when his ancestors came over.

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Bulldog2_0 said...

Professor Salinas says we're scapegoating immigrants, who are not responsible for the real problems we're facing like the prices of oil and food. Dan Patrick disputes his characterization and says he wants to help "poor Americans".

And with that, Prof. Salinas signalled his defeat. When he resorted to attacking, he stopped debating. And it's clear to see where "Kuff" stands.

What's the matter with helping "poor Americans"? Nothing! We only have so many resources and they SHOULD be spent on helping Americans. Why is it that the only people that you want to help are Mexicans? We have poor coming here from all over the world who need help. They TRY to come up through Mexico but Mexico stops them. They act as a filter making sure that ONLY Mexicans reach the U.S. Like Caleron said, "Where there's a Mexican, there's Mexico". Does he have to plant the Mexican flag in your chest to get his point across?

michilines said...

I took it differently, bulldog. Professor Salinas was correct and Patrick responded defensively.

Dan Patrick is one of the people who wants to build a wall around our country. The only trouble is that walls don't work. Look at the walls built around the world for similar purposes, the one in Berlin is the best example.

People who have been frustrated with the occupation in Iraq, the loss of high paying jobs, chronic low or unemployment and the mortgage crisis are all looking for someone to blame. It's classic. And bulldog, you are one of them.

Bulldog2_0 said...

Ah, there it is! The white flag of surrender! You MUST attack me because you can't do anything else. No, I don't blame anything on illegals except that which they deserve. I blame the death of Rod Johnson and Tina Davila on illegals because it was illegals who killed them. I blame low wages on illegals because they WILL work for them so the employers will seek them out. The idea put forth by the union guy was backwards.

As for the "wall", that's not what people want but it IS a symbol of their frustration. They just want to END the Bostom Marathon with panchos at the border. They want to end illegal immigration and enjoy the same benefits from LEGAL immigration that Mexico enjoys.

For me, my wake-up call came when the illegals took to the streets waving the Mexican flag and chanting Viva Mexico! They sure didn't look like they were asking for help. They lloked like they were demanding surrender.

But, for a BETTER look at what you're defending, check this video...

michilines said...

bulldog, why are you so angry? That's sort of what this was all about.

Why so angry. They are people, too. They just want to work. It's not about you or your children, it is about our country. I'm sorry you took such offense to what I wrote. I didn't mean to point out you personally.

I hope you feel better tomorrow.

Bulldog2_0 said...

Check the video. It SHOULD anger you too. THAT'S what you're praising.

I get angry when someone takes my generosity and slaps me with it. I take offense at those who make demands of their hosts. This even upsets a POLISH immigrant that I know. It's like rubbing salt in a wound by sneaking in here and then demanding that we surrender to THEM.

Why must they make such a big deal out of how great Mexico is? If it was THAT great, they should've stayed there. Would sending money down there help? Nope. PEMEX even lost money in a time of RECORD oil profits. The only thing that WILL help Mexico is if those people stay there and stage a revolution. Mexico is trying to help them do that here. I say that it's only FAIR if we return the favor.

michilines said...

No one is doing that, bulldog.

You are so angry that you have to manufacture abuse.

I have done nothing but sympathize with your obvious situation. You clearly can't compete with illegal immigrants (yet you have computer access).

I advise your choosing a different target for your anger.

ElSangre said...

Tell me again how one "bright" professor can conclude that Latinos are learning English faster that any group of immigrants before? Could it be the 5 Plus all Spanish TV stations, 15 plus all Spanish radio stations...teaching them English ???
My lines were German, Slovak, French and Hungarian....and learned English on the way here hunkered down in a ship because that is the way it should be done. English should be learned before coming here.

michilines said...

else, unless you learned English with your ancestors, you are a little late. There is a great deal of research that indicates that bilingual, or even trilingual children are the stars of their classes.

In the U.S. we are producing monoligual students. They are hobbled by their lack of language skills.

michilines said...

Take for example Condi Rice. I heard her try to speak Russian and I only know a bit, but she is supposed to be an expert and she swicked to English when I even knew what the Russians were saying.

She's supposed to be our connection to anywhere? She can't even understand as much Russian as I can.