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buddy said...

I am 62 year old native Houstonian and high school teacher in the cy-fair district who is going to retire in a few weeks. I am tired of the student abuse and the inmates running the asylum. The hispanics in general, a very large number illegal, don't care about education. They are statistically the largest demographic group that drops out of school. The greedy school districts want the money for the head count and don't care if they are citizens or not. We spend millions of dollars for Spanish speaking teachers to try and teach illegals. Illegals are bankrupting schools, hospitals, and every welfare or entitlement program they can get involved with. They are diluting the workforce by working for cheap labor that drives down the prices for skilled American workers. They are "illegal" aliens and not just undocumented immigrants. I am for severely fining employers who hire illegals and totally enforcing the present laws that are on the books, as well as closing our borders. If they can't find work, they will go home. As I said earlier, being born and raised in Houston, I have seen this coming for well over 25 years and was one of the earliest members of the Minutemen. By the way, all four of my grandparents came through Ellis Island at the turn of the 20th century, took classes, learned the customs AND English, left behind their other countries, and assimilated into Americans. And tell me why I should have to push 1 for English in the United States of America.

larry j said...

I am a native Houstonian and I am sick ans tired of being called a racist because I am pro- Immigration but against Illegal Immigration and here is the difference. My mother is an immigrant, highly educated who waited for 7 years and came over with a signed affidavit under one arm saying that her sponser family would take care of her and that she would not be a burden on social services and a chest X-ray under the other arm proving negative for TB. So far this year we have had three schools and hundreds of children possibly exposed, social services maxed out and over 350,000 illegals in out prison system. Health care even with insurance in not a sure thing if there are no beds available. The whole thing is because of the greed of businesses that employ but don't forget the billions of monies made without one cent of tax paid to the smugglers,those that forge documents and those that employ under the guise of "Contract Labor". Our Social securtiy admin. has the ability to report back top the employers in one weeks time when a phony social security number is used but refuses and throws the monies in the slush fund of 4.8 billion dollars a year. Houston's sancuary policy is a joke. Start requiring all bus companies to have a manifest for passengers going across borders as part of homeland security. Now five bus companies are charges with transporting millions in drugs for the Mexican drug cartels. Wake up Texas before you state is taken back without a shot being fired. It may already be too late and I am ashamed of all in public office on both sides of border and party. Meanwhile greed and desire for more profits has companies like Perry Homes and Pilgrams Pride Chicken make millions while stuffing the pockets of politicans to keep the "hands off santuary"policy in effect while good Americans die in waiting rooms around the country that are overflowing with illegals.

larry j said...
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Mr. Light Bulb said...

Sorry if this is a duplicate.

I won't be able to watch the program tonight. But I hope that, from the very beginning of the program, the host (or moderator or whomever) delineates the two completely separate issues of LEGAL immigration and ILLEGAL immigration.

The LEGAL immigration issue should consume no more than five minutes of program time. (1) We love legal immigrants. (2) Legal immigrants are all of us and contribute to our joint national success by assimilating into (the well defined) American culture. (3) There should be some review of legal immigration numbers.

The ILLEGAL immigration issue should consume the remainder of the program. (1) Obey the law (just like everyone else). (2) Don't try to cut in line (just like everyone else). (3) LEARN ENGLISH (just like everyone else).

LonewackoDotCom said...

I'm not familiar with Ree-C Murphy's views on this issue, but in past forums not all views have been represented. To be fair, the forum should include at least one person who supports the enforcement of our laws and not amnesty, no matter what it's called.

If Ree-C Murphy (or audience members) want to knock Kuff for a loop, discuss the PoliticalPower that the MexicanGovernment has been able to obtain inside the U.S. Their three past presidents have claimed parts of our population as their own, they give free schoolbooks teaching their history to U.S. public schools, their very active consuls push their agenda even at city council meetings, they have links to Democratic politicians, they have links to U.S. non-profits (which they've admitted they're going to use to push their agenda inside the U.S.), and more. And, they've just announced that they'll be working with the ACLU to take possible legal action against the U.S. government.

dysmama said...

Let's start off the discussion between LEGAL and ILLEGAL immigrants.

The open borders and amnesty crowd use "family unification" for their views on illegal immigration, and says this gives illegal immigrants a right to migrate here without permission.

Before 1965, our immigration policy was a needs based policy. Today, because of the changes in 1965, even our definition of legal immigration has to be examined. With the 1986 amnesty and the mid 90's amnesty,now the Democrats pushing for another amnesty, and when ONE legal immigrant can sponsor their entire extended family, well, we just quadrupled immigration right there (not to mention the nearly millions crossing our souther border yearly). When do we say enough is enough?

And people wonder why those who speak Spanish are the fastest growing minority group in the U.S. It's kind of hard for any other ethnic group to just walk into the U.S.

It's the numbers that are so alarming, and the numbers are tilted toward those from south of the border. No other ethnic group in our history has been allowed to come in such numbers at such a rate. There is no time for assimilation into the U.S. language, history, beliefs, and dedication.

spk2me said...

As we are discussing what the impact is of illegal immigration on our healthcare system, I would like everyone to know the diseases that they are bringing into this country. I don't feel that there is any focus on that. I have worked in the Harris County Hospital System and we saw TB and other diseases that have been irradicated on a daily basis!!!! I wonder how much that is costing the taxpayer!!

JD said...

I'm a Florida resident and am very upset when I call a business and I'm prompted to "Press 1 for English". This is the USA and companies that provide this option are enabling these immigrants to remain here without ever learning English. I no longer press 1 and instead either hang up or press 0 for their operator.

I got this on the internet and love it.

I bought a bird feeder. I hung

it on my back porch and filled

it with seed. What a beauty of

a bird feeder it is, as I filled it

lovingly with seed. Within a

week we had hundreds of birds

taking advantage of the

continuous flow of free and

easily accessible food.

But then the birds started

building nests in the boards

of the patio, above the table,

and next to the barbecue.

Then came the poop. It was

everywhere: on the patio tile,

the chairs, the table ...


Then some of the birds

turned mean. They would

dive bomb me and try to

peck me even though I had

fed them out of my own


And others birds were

boisterous and loud. They

sat on the feeder and

squawked and screamed at

all hours of the day and night

and demanded that I fill it

when it got low on food.

After a while, I couldn't even

sit on my own back porch

anymore. So I took down the

bird feeder and in three days

the birds were gone. I cleaned

up their mess and took down

the many nests they had built

all over the patio.

Soon, the back yard was like

it used to be ... quiet, serene

and no one demanding their

rights to a free meal.

Now let's see .

Our government gives out

free food, subsidized housing,

free medical care, and free

education and allows anyone

born here to be an automatic


Then the illegals came by the

tens of thousands. Suddenly

our taxes went up to pay for

free services; small apartments

are housing 5 families; you

have to wait 6 hours to be seen

by an emergency room doctor;

your child's 2nd grade class is

behind other schools because

over half the class doesn't speak


Corn Flakes now come in a

bilingual box; I have to

'press one' to hear my bank

talk to me in English, and

people waving flags other

than ' Old Glory ' are

squawking and screaming

in the streets, demanding

more rights and free liberties.

just my opinion, but maybe

it's time for the government

to take down the bird feeder.

Glenda said...

Why is there no discussion on the billions of dollars being sent home to families of illigals in Mexico? I am getting tired of hearing about all the money they put back into the ecomomy!
What about the contagious deseases like TB we hear about on a daily basis? Our ancestors come into this country legally and were not allowed in unless they were checked out first. That is why they were sometimes quarentined on Ellis Island.
Why are so many jobs in the service field requiring bilingual applicants? I have 25 years in Office Management and I am expected to be bilingual to apply. I am unemployed after taking care of ailing parents for 4 years and cannot find employment due to this "new" requirement to be bilingual!
These topics are never brought up....

prissy said...

I think we need to keep these people out of here and keep them out.We have more crime We cannot get a job because we are not bilingual not because we dont want the job.We have to support these illigeals with our taxes they get all their money and send it back to mexico where the cost of living is very cheap.We are supporting these illigeals who are getting away with all this and laughing in our faces.I am tired of it and will do whatever possible to get them out of here so that the american people can get their rights back.I cannot afford to go to the doctor but because they are illigeal they get their healthcare for free.This is wrong.Take care of your own people and let mexico take care of theirs.I SAY GIVE ALL THE ILLIGEALS BACK TO MEXICO AND LET MEXICO TAKE CARE OF THEIR OWN AND LET AMERICA TAKE CARE OF US THE PEOPLE WHO WORK LEGAL HAVE TO PAY TAXES HAVE TO PAY TO DRIVE A CAR HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIR OWN HEALTHCARE OR DIE BECAUSE THEY CANNOT AFFORD TO PAY FOR HEALTHCARE. tHIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING WAKE UP AND GET RID OF THE ILLIGEAL REPORT WHERE THEY ARE SEEN REPORT THE EMPLOYERS WHO HIRE THEM WE NEED TO GET ON THE BALL PEOPLE OR THIS WILL NOT BE TEXAS ANYMORE BUT WILL BE MEXICO.DO WE WANT THAT I ASK.I AM A SENIOR CITIZEN AND IT SICKENS ME TO SEE THIS HAPPENING. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO AMERICA I KNEW IT HAS GONE TO MEXICANS. AND I WILL DO ANYTHING TO HELP STOP THIS.REPORT ALL ILLEGALS TO THE US BORDER PATROLS AND LET THEM WORK ON GETTING THIS PROBLEM SOLVED BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.



I'm 37 years old, I was born and raised in MX, my whole family is still there. I love my family and I love MX. I'm married to a wonderful man (and yes I came here legally)an American by birth of anglo descent. I'm happy to report that I AM A PROUD AMERICAN citizen.
I have seen the economic difficulties illegals face in MX because they are unskill workers and can't find jobs but I also have a problem with them coming here illegally refuse to integrate and/or learn the language and then turn around bad mouth americans andhaving on average 3,4 or more children that are not able to care for and expect to have americans pay for their health care, education and more while not paying a dime in taxes.
I think congress should work on finding ways to tax them to offset some of the cost of llegal immigration.
My opinion, TAX THE MONEY THEY SEND TO THEIR COUNTRY, it would be a way to have them contribute fiscally, make them show that they want be AMERICANS.
WE HAVE TO PAY TAXES TO KEEP THIS GREAT COUNTRY GOING, send those who refuse to pay their taxes back to MX or wherever they came from.
To those who want to stay, offer worker permits and offer to pay only 60 or 70% of the cost of education and healthcare.

SalvaAlchemist said...

To those who keep saying they are not bigots, yes y'all are. Instead of pointing the finger at the people who get jobs, why doesn't it get pointed to the people who hire them.

The "native" Houstonians who have been here for god knows how long need to look at their neighbor, friend, relative who own these business's and blame them. Its as simple as that. But why don't any of yall do this? Its because it's easy to lay blame on the defenseless. Point the finger at the entrepreneurs who practice the hiring of illegal immigrants.

And Im not for Illegal immigration. I am the seed of illegal immigrants who came here in the 80s, but I do not condone people crossing over illegally, risking their lives, women and children getting kidnapped and raped to come to this country and get their faces spit on and get discriminated against. I do not support their journey. But its time to lay the blame at the source of the problem, which is Americans hiring illegals over their own citizens.

Walter said...

I think you picked the wrong person far as David Lopez (Harris County Hospital District) to interview about providing health care in Houston. He has taken the stand of not providing health care to many people in the Houston area and I know. I have been told through one of his personnel that he said that I would not be given any care, even though I do have a “gold card” from the county which allows me full services. I have met many people outside of Ben Taub who also have been refused care and told that Baylor would provide it for a fee. Mr. Lopez has known about this problem for a while now and has turned a blind eye to the problems at the hospitals he is in charge of.