Thursday, April 24, 2008

First video clip

Quotes from the first video clip: Cheap labor, businesses taking advantage of illegal immigrants, "we are a country of immigrants, it's our hculture", come in and do the job then leave, distraction from more serious issues like the war, "there's a solution out there but I don't know what it is".

Stephen Klineberg is answering the question "why are we all talking about immigration now?" He reminds us that Houston has always been a city of immigrants, and it has transformed the city.

Dan Patrick says there's a lot of losers. "We are not anti-Hispanic, we want people to come here legally", blames the Feds for "Texas' problem".

Immigration attorney Charles Foster says people don't realize we have a quota of 5000 visas per year, and there's a lot more demand for immigrants to fill jobs than that. He agrees with Sen. Patrick that we need a reform of the system.

Laura Blackburn with the League of Women's Voters says they are supportive of a path to legal citizenship. "There are 500,000 more jobs in this country than there are people to fill them - high level and entry level - and we need to fill them." About $70 billion sent to Latin America every year, $45 billion from the US.

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