Thursday, April 24, 2008

End of first hour

That was the fastest hour I've had in a while. I haven't had time to digest what all went on and give more comments and all. I will do that later.

This is the best part of the show and it's a shame it isn't being shown on TV. Everyone is up and around talking to each other. This would be an awesome part of the show; go gaggle to gaggle and pick up conversations.

It wouldn't surprise me if real solutions would arise from this. Solutions often arise from person to person connectivity...


Bulldog2_0 said...

Well, the proponents of illegal immigration lost the debate. When that one jerk started attacking his opponents are "scapegoaters", that was the white flag of surrender. If you can't debate, you HAVE to debase.

But, as much as they dwelled on "costs" of illegal immigration, they left out one HUGE cost... the "human cost". We lose THOUSANDS of people EACH YEAR to illegal immigration. I value every member of MY family and my friends higher than any dollar amount can even begin to cover.

Bulldog2_0 said...

As far as education, I disagree that everyone in the world has a RIGHT to come here and get a free education. That's ridiculous! That principal should be expelled! While he openly admits that various languages are spoken at his school, guess which ONE is catered to? Spanish! Most of the other students CAN also speak English. Only the Spanish speaking students EXPECT to be catered to.

My 11 year-old daughter is currently enrolled in a dual-language school and I've noticed that he core subjects suffer because of the poor teaching she received from the Spanish speaking teachers. They can't properly educate because they often use the wrong words to try and get their point through. In fact, when I go to PT meetings, I often find myself correcting the words they've written on the blackboard.

Another thing that irked me is that the school district REQUIRES it's U.S. citizens to submit all kinds of documentation to prove who they are and where they live. They do NOT require this of the illegals and even told me that it was none of their business. Double standards do tend to upset people.

michilines said...

bulldog, that seems odd for you to say. There were no democratic reps there, only republican, and they got their butts kicked by the academics and the feet on the ground types.

If you take this comment as an attack on you personally, I apoligize in advance.

Bulldog2_0 said...

Liars never kick butt. Thhey only fool themselves. The truth always reveals them for what they are. They even contradicted each other in the program. It ws easy to spot the liars.

michilines said...

bulldog, aren't you getting tired? Fight fight fight against a paper bag. It's actually a little sad.

We were supposed to come to a solution. You seem to be someone who will defend the boarder at all costs.

Have you ever read Blood Meridian, bulldog?