Thursday, April 24, 2008

Next Segment: Medical costs and care

Dr. Avi Markowitz of UTMB is talking about this as a "resource" problem. In other words, they have a lot to take care of, but not enough resources to handle everyone.

He mentions he does turn away US citizens because there aren't enough resources.

The point is being made that these illegal immigrants are young and mostly healthy. J

Joan Neuhaus Schaan makes the point that the ER is being used as a family practitioner.

Deacon Sam Dunning brings up that there is a "moral" component to this that outweighs the money issue. He is calling for a comprehensive changes in immigration laws and comprehensive insurance.

Aide Espinoza says that what is being discussed here is not true. The only medical care available is emergency care.

One of the things mentioned is changing the anchor baby law. One lady believes the 14th amendment could be challenged in the Supreme Court instead of trying to change it by making a new amendment.

Dan Patrick: we are encouraging everyone to come here illegally, not just students. When a kid shows up at school that does not know English the budget to educate almost doubles.

Dream act is now being discussed. This is the idea that the out of state taxes are waived in order to pay for those illegal aliens that came to the US as very small children through no fault of their own.

These children are being educated through our system. It is just a matter of matter of how much.

Luis Salinas believes we are "scapegoating" the illegal aliens as the basis for all of our problems. Dan Patrick rebutted saying that we are beyond that in this conversation: we are talking real problem and real solutions.

Klienberg says that we need more immigrants here; there is a need. Dan Patrick says we will agree on that. Before he can speak further, we are out of time.

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