Thursday, April 24, 2008


We are hitting the 30 second mark. No lights.

WE are on.

Patricia Gras is making a difference between the term "legal" and "illegal" immigrant.

They are starting with pre-filmed comments from citizens. The first part or question is near and dear to me: how illegal immigrants are being exploited because they are here and not legal. Employers are not reporting taxes and this makes them more "competitive" in a non-even way. If one person has to pay taxes and then they are not as competitive as the one exploiting the ill-legal immigrant.

That is important: why do we as a society think that it is OK to exploit others for the sake of saving a buck or two?

Klienberg is the start off - he talks about how we are more ethnically diverse. I think that is true and it is a good thing. But if we can't communicate with each other, how can we enjoy and share our diversity with each other?

Luis Salinas (Professor of Sociology), mentioned something else that I think is important: the Mexican government does not move in a way that will make things better for citizens of Mexico and that is why they come here. I do believe reform in the governments would make things better for the citizens of that country and make it not as desirable to come here against all of the peril they do.

They are taking phone call questions to move this "conversation" along. PBS is integrating just about every communication outlet into this program. Very nice.

The Richard Shaw (AFL/CIO) is talking about how he is trying to work on things to unionize the illegal immigrants. He has a point that once they are unionized and wages are raised, they are fired.

This underlines exactly the point I have: these people are being exploited for profitibilty.

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