Thursday, April 24, 2008

Taped segment

Joan Neuhaus Schaan of Rice University is talking about how some illegals are being apprehended and 10% have criminal records. It is unclear as to what kind of "criminal record" this is.

Gordon Quan just said that illegals are being used as the "bogey man" as being the cause of crime; in other words, they are scapegoating the illegals.

One lady says that it is hard and cost a lot to cross the border. I agree. It should not be such an arduous process. I think it was Fred Thompson that said we should have a high fence and wide gate. I think that is the way to go.

Alberto Cardenas is talking about how so many were against the 2006 and 2007 legislation, but no one has put up solutions.

Orlando Sanchez made the following points:
1. There are illegal immigrants from all over the world
2. We tend to vilify or scapegoat the illegals, we need to vilify the ones that are sent to Washington and they do not do they job.

At this point, I can't keep track of who is who, so this is going to be more free flow:

Joan Neuhaus Schaan: The lack of security needs to be addressed in order to go forward. The profits for people smuggling is approaching that of drug smuggling. (If you want to see this graphically illustrated, see

One lady: The problem is that we don't know who is here and that makes us insecure.

The participants are begining to call for or to mention as a need "comprehinsive" immigration reform.)

What does that look like: Dream Act; earned legalization. Get them out of the shadows.

Does that mean amnesty for everyone? Collier says take that off the table and instead have "earned citizenship".

Cardenas: We need to find out who is here and get them registered.

Dan Patrick: Remove fear of all sides. Get both sides confident; don't listen to extremes on both sides. If only the participants in this room were given 30 days to solve the problem, he believes it could be done.

Instead of people spending 5K to get here illegally, charge them $2500 to get here legally.

My comment: During the break, I noticed that people were getting together and talking with each other without animous. It was outstanding. It is the way is should be.

Solutions are made person to person. Kuffner said that Patrick and Salinas should be put in a room together and the door locked until they come up with workable solutions. I would agree in principle on that. These people in this room could be the key to working out solutions. It will depend on how far they carry it later...

(Hey, if I can talk to Kuffner with cheer and humor, anthing is possible. Right? ;)

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Gary said...

I will point out that based on several studies compared to US citizens the illegals are less likely to be criminals . They come here to work.

Try telling most people that if you wanted to reduce crime you would be better off deporting the native born Americans.